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Tell Your Brand’s Story Like Never Before

Tell your story in a way that impresses the masses with American Web Geeks, combining creativity with animation excellence!

Immersive Video Animations

Today, video animations help elevate a business’s marketing strategy. Our skilled animators help companies market their brands through captivating visual stories that immerse consumers completely through dynamic animations.

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Motion Graphics
  • Whiteboard

Brand Storytelling Like Never Before

Adding a soul to a business is essential for its success in the market as it helps the audience connect with it better. This makes storytelling one of the most powerful ways to engage the audience and create a sense of connection. AWG has skilled video animators on board who excel in elevating brands with powerful storytelling to engage the audience.

Strategic Approach

The first step of storytelling is understanding a company’s objectives, ethos, target market, and values. These elements are used to ensure the final video conveys the right brand message.

Unique Ideas

We at AWG believe in every company’s unique standing and contribution to the market. Our team of video animators put together ideas to create videos that impact the masses.

Unlimited Revisions

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to capture what a client has in mind. This is why we offer unlimited revisions so that an impactful video can be created.

The Process

How We Work

Initial Consultation

Once you sign up, you are connected with a dedicated project manager who interviews you during the initial consultation to understand the project goals by getting questionnaires filled out.

Assigning a Team

After the initial consultation, the project manager will assign a team of video animators best suited to a business’s objectives.


The team brainstorms and works on a concept and storyboard. Based on it, a draft is created and sent for your feedback and review.

Final Approval

After the requested changes are implemented, the concept is sent to the animators for finalizing.

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